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Welcome to our virtual visit through Entrimo: Biosphere Reserve, Nature Reserve of A Baixa Limia - Serra do Xurés, Natura 2000 Network and boundary with the National Park of Peneda Geres.

In Entrimo we are proud of belonging to a region which was able to build and preserve a landscape and natural environment that nowadays are well-known all around the world. It is a place we want to safeguard in order to keep its biodiversity and to bequeath it to future generations.

We know that the only way to meet this objective is by maintaining the human activity in our villages, so that their inhabitants can live there and manage our forests and woodlands, as well as our pastures and arable lands.

Due to this fact, we are working on this challenge to get a feasible and attractive countryside for people, so that we can continue to count in their intelligence and hand labour. We are sure that with this and the latest techniques, people will continue to manage the land with sustainability and with the same care and wisdom as our ancestors did with their land.

As in other protected open spaces in the European rural world, in Entrimo there is a common challenge: all together, we want to set up in Entrimo and in our municipality the conditions necessary to provide their inhabitants with new opportunities for living, studying and developing oneself at a personal and professional level, according to the 21st century.

By means of this website, we would like to contribute a little bit more to this great challenge.

Therefore, we want to spread on this page the natural, environmental, scenic and cultural richness of our town council so that the internet user feels like visiting our region. There isn’t any appropriate season to visit us. Then throughout the whole year you will be able to enjoy our nature, environment and privileged. And of course, you will have the opportunity to contribute to this great future challenge, if you want.

Thank you for your virtual visit and once again, welcome to Entrimo!


Map location of entrimo.