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Our municipality and region are Biosphere Reserve, Nature Reserve, Natura 2000 Network and boundary of the Portuguese National Park Peneda-Geres. It is therefore a real challenge to generate richness, rural employment and life chances, from a sustainable point of view for the inhabitants of Entrimo. Then these inhabitants, throughout the centuries up to nowadays, have known how to manage in a sustainable way the territory and its resources by means of their farming, cattle raising and forest activity.

The commitment to rural development in Entrimo contributes to continue to make progress in environment protection, achieving this way that Biosphere Reserve, Nature Reserve, and Natura 2000 Network are not only protection and recognition forms of environmental values, but also opportunities to generate employment and to settle the population who wants to go for a life in the countryside.

Environmental sustainability in protected open spaces is the way which has to be followed to create new future opportunities that will allow to keep the population necessary to continue with farming and cattle raising activities and with the management of our forest resources. Then these are the true protection against fires, the main threat of open spaces, countryside and forests of Galicia.

Although the Nature Reserve is a protection form of autonomous legislation, the Natura 2000 Network a legal form of the European Union legislation, the Biosphere Reserve an initiative of the UNESCO and sometimes all together superimpose in a same area, they are consistently coordinated in their implementation and harmonized within their different management tools of the territory.

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