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he Nature Reserve of A Baixa Limia—Serra do Xurés, in which Entrimo has most part of its territory, was officially declared in 1993 (by means of the Decree 29/1993 of 11th February) before the later declarations of the Natura 2000 Network and of the Biosphere Reserve.

The Nature Reserve is a form to protect the nature and it is an autonomous initiative which was included in the Law 9/2001 on Conservation of the Galician Nature.

This park makes up the boundary line between Spain and Portugal, at the Nature Reserve Peneda-Gerés, taking up 20,920 ha, to which are going to be added up in the immediate future (in 2010) 8,842 ha more, until totalizing 29,768 ha, located in the localities of Banda, Lobeira, Lobios, Muiños and Calvos de Randín, besides Entrimo. In Entrimo the surface of the Nature Reserve takes up approx. two thirds of the whole surface of the town council, mainly in the sierras Queguas and Quinxo.

As all the Nature Reserves it is ruled by a Natural Resources Arrangements Plans, also called PORN, which in the case of the Nature Reserve a Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés it is the PORN that was endorsed by the Galician Ministry of Environment the Consellería de Medio Ambiente through the Decree 64/2009 of the 19th February.

This PORN is compulsory and executive in all what affects the conservation, protection and improvement of the flora, fauna, soil, ecosystems, landscape, habitats and other natural resources. Besides, the PORN prevails over any other territorial or physic arrangement tool, constituting its provisions that are a limit to them. The resulting decision mustn't change or modify the previous ones and they have to be applied, in any case, prevailing over the already set arrangement tools. Furthermore they are binding on any other action, plan or sectorial programme.

The possible uses of natural resources are considered in the PORN as “allowed”, “possibly allowed” and "not allowed", depending on its incident on the values that motivate its declaration.