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The Natura 2000 Network is an initiative of the EU to preserve the biodiversity of the European Union territory. There were selected certain types of habitats to protect and then there were set the criteria for the identification of the zones that were especially vulnerable in relation to bird conservation and which should be protected.

Two community Directives were created as a practical implementation of this European decision:

  • Directive 79/409 CEE
    . Its target is to protect, in the long term, and to manage all the bird species of the forest and their habitats. The responsible for this protection are the different Member States. It points out the migratory birds and the 181 bird species that are endangered. The protected areas under the Natura 2000 Network and the Bird Directive are called SPAs or Special Protected Areas.

  • Directive 92/43 EEC
    .It lays down the obligation of the State Members to preserve the habitats and species of community interest. Declared open spaces of Natura 2000 Network under this Directive are called Spaces of Community Interest (SCI)

In the case of the Natura 2000 Network of Entrimo, the region shares the declaration of SPA and SCI, that is, Entrimo is both a Space of Community Interest and a Special Protected Area. If we specify more, it is the SCI of the Mediterranean Biogeographic Region ES 1130001 A Baixa Limia, declarated on the 2nd April 2004 and with a surface of 34,248 ha, and the SCI of the Atlantic Biogeographic Region ES1130001, with approx. the same surface than the previous one and with the same declaration date. As it can be noticed the declaration belongs to the both Biogregraphic Regions of A Baixa Limia - Serra do Xurés and it lays down that this region has mixed Atlantic and Mediterranean features, what increases its singularity, importance and biodiversity, reflected in the significant Flora and Fauna of the region.

The habitats protected by the SCI of A Baixa Limia - Serra do Xurés are the following (habitats of Annexe I of the Directive 92/43 EEC):