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Since the 26th May 2009, declaration date by the UNESCO, Entrimo is part of the cross-border Biosphere Reserve of Geres-Xurés.

This reserve takes up 259,456 ha of the National Park Peneda-Geres, in the Portuguese zone, and part of the Nature Reserve A Baixa Limia - Serra do Xurés, on Spanish ground.

The main target of the Reserve is to look for an all-around management of all the municipalities that make up this area. This has to be done by promoting and searching for complementary resources to the already existent ones of the Natura 2000 Network or to those of the Nature Reserve in order to achieve an achieve an adequate management of the natural resources and protection of the environmental values, as well as the improvement of sustainable activities for the population.

Besides the municipality of Entrimo, this Reserve comprises other municipalities such as those of Bande, Calvos de Randín, Lobeira, Lobios and Muíños in Galicia and in the Portuguese are, the municipalities of Arcos de Valdevez, Melgaço, Montalegre, Ponte da Barca and Terras de Bouro.

All these Reserves seek to integrate three main objectives:

  • Conservation of landscapes, ecosystems, species and genetic diversity.

  • Economic development that is socio-culturally and environmentally sustainable.

  • Scientific knowledge and logistic backing, by supporting projects related to exhibition, education and training on environment, as well as research and permanent monitoring as for local, regional, national or international matters on conservation and sustainable development.

The cross-border Biosphere Reserve of Xurés-Gerês is a good opportunity for cooperation and sustainable use by means of common management of the shared ecosystems, as the Serra Galaico-Miñotas and associated valleys are a biogeographic unit which needs to be managed in a coordinated way by the different involved Administrations.

This declaration strengthens biosphere reserve network in the Iberian Peninsula, playing in this process an important role the forests, thicket and the incorporation of strict endemism which have to be protected.

Besides endemism there are several taxa of vascular plants, whose distribution is almost limited to the area of the Biosphere Reserve, which is very important for the flora conservation, both at a national and international level.

As it has the status of Biosphere Reserve, the reserve is going to have an area management policy or plan, in accordance with the already initiated action guidelines, specially, with those established by the PORN and the Natura 2000 Network. These policies or plans are going to be continued and developed, by drawing up a new joint Arrangement Plan which has to be made up by the Biosphere Reserve that provides it with consistency and efficiency. It will coordinate all the cross-border actions in a territory that represents a unit according to its natural and socioeconomic features and to conservation and management needs.

Furthermore, the Biosphere Reserve is going to be regulated by a Management Authority that is going to be in charge of applying the guidelines of the management tool. Now, at the end of 2009, both are in the drawing up and constitution phase.

As in the case of the Nature Reserve, the Biosphere Reserve is structured according to a zoning of the territory with different levels of protection.

In Entrimo, approx. one third of its area is classified as “core area”, one third as “buffer zone” and another third as “transition area”.