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In Entrimo the visitor will have the opportunity to contemplate a great variety of animal types: birds, mammals, amphibia and reptiles. The variety is due to numerous and different habitats that originate the interaction between orographical features and diverse vegetation communities of the area. There are 268 vertebrate species (fishes, amphibia, reptiles, birds and mammals) and 1196 invertebrate species indexed in the park of A Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés. A great number of them is present in municipal area of Entrimo.

Of the vertebrate species, 61% are birds what explains, among other things, the declaration of part of this area as SPA (Special Protected Area) in the Natura 2000 Network.

From a faunal point of view, as a relation between the whole territory and the number of present species, in A Baixa Limia-Xurés there is a greater diversity than in the rest of Galicia (almost the double of the Species Diversity Index) and in the rest of European countries such as Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium, Holland, Denmark or UK.

Besides wild fauna, in Entrimo there is also an important hunting fauna and a very special fauna as the Rural Autochthonous Cattle, adapted to the hard conditions of the mountains and which plays an important ecological role.