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The considerable changes in climate, height, slope, rocky substratum of the area and the different culture and cattle-raising practices, that have been carried out for 4000 years, turn the flora also in a remarkably variation.

In this way, the visitor will be able to admire characteristic species of the Euro-Siberian and Mediterranean region. There are 807 vascular plant types in A Baixa Limia-Xurés, 117 of which are endemic species of the Iberian Peninsula and 71 have a limited area. Besides, there are at least 5 local endemic species: Armeria humilis subsp humilis, Armeria sampaioi, Ceratocapnos claviculata Subsp. Picta, Narcissus juresianus y Galium belizianum. 7 species are classified as “in danger of extinction” and 11 more as “vulnerable”.

After all this, we can get an idea of the rich floral biodiversity of the region and of the importance of its conservation.

The most important types that shape the landscape of Entrimo are the following: