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The landscapes in Entrimo are very different due to the escarpment of the territory, the deep valleys with rivers and gallery forests an due to the presence of masses of leafy forests which belong to the family of the oak or chestnut. This green leafy species contrast strongly with the steepest areas, where eroded forms of granite take over the lie of the landscape.

This is what happens in the two characteristic sierras of Entrimo: Queguas and Quinxo. The last one limits at the West with the river Río do Castro Leboreiro, where it is the steep riverbank Olelas, just at the foot of the village with the same name. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places, not only of Entrimo, but also of the whole Nature Reserve. The villages or population centres, that are surrounded by fields and arable lands (a vegetation belt which protects from forest fires), are elements that contribute to contrast with the landscape because of their texture and colour.

There are numerous churches, traditional houses, tumuli and traditional constructive elements that also enrich the landscape and guarantee exceptional aesthetic experiences to visitors.


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