Nature > Rivers and reservoirs

The rivers that are strongly fitted in valleys and are V-shaped constitute some of the main characteristics of the landscape of Entrimo. The waters flow from North to South and are all of them tributaries of the river Limia that limits with Entrimo on its South boundary, before directly and since 1992 with the reservoir Lindoso, which separates Entrimo from Lobios and Portugal.

The smallest rivers are called “corgos” and are characterized by their torrential nature and steep slope, as they overcome significant drops in very short stretches. Due to the existence of great drops in the area, watercourses are adequate for hydroelectric use, renewable energy that doesn’t emit CO2, although they have other important connected impacts. That is why the PORN of the Nature Reserve has forbidden the future installation of new hydro stations in the area of the protected space.

The rivers and reservoirs of Entrimo have a fish fauna which allows fishing throughout the whole year and different protection rules.